Traditional Decoration Ideas For Your DIY Gingerbread House

‘Tis (almost) the season to decorate gingerbread houses! To celebrate the most wonderful time of the year I’m sharing with you some of my signature designs, so when it comes to your own, any hopes and dreams of extravagance won’t shatter like a sugar glass window.

I’ve included some ideas for beginners and those who want more of a challenge! Some must-haves: A piping bag for the intricate details, metallic edible paint to give some sparkle, and cutters to layer and add depth.


When it comes to windows, deciding whether to pipe on or cut in is your first creative decision. If you’re comfortable with icing, something really beautiful and intricate can be created in a multitude of different looks!

For an easier design that is just as effective, gelatine sheets are ideal - though not really edible - they’re so effective when you’re wanting a glass effect. They also allow for minimal piping if you’ve got wobbly hands!

Finally, stacking! If you want the option of playing around with different techniques all at the same time, and adding focal points to significant parts of your gingerbread house, layering these elements gives you that freedom.


On to roofs! It’s hard to get it wrong with this bit, if you mess up, just cover in sweets! But here are some ideas to try out before you get to that stage.

For some of these you’ll be fetching the cutters, which are perfect for creating complex-looking elements which aren’t so complex to build, just lots of pieces! I used this technique in both biscuit and icing for a clean finish, which you'll see above.

Alternatively, you can use candy canes, which is no more work for you, but gives you the same 3D appearance.

Make use of all that space; let loose and get creative!


Doors are where you don't want to avoid the icing; it’s a definite focal point and I reckon it needs to be highlighted in order to complete the house.

When icing all you need is an outline so the door looks like, well, a door. Then just go for it with all the colours and patterns you desire!

For a simple design, try icing the doors all one colour or using metallic edible paint and adding piped rectangles for the detailing - a style anyone can pull out the piping bag. Want to add more tiny windows to the house? Melt sweets into the bake - this works great in small spaces where gelatine sheets would look lost.

Not sure where to start on the baking? Yes, I’m aware we missed that crucial step out! Not to worry, I’ve got something very exciting on its way to make that part a lot easier. Stay connected on social media for announcements!

The Great British Bake Off - 8 Most Memorable Gingerbread Makes

I’m completely engrossed in this years series and couldn’t let a year pass without mentioning the show on my blog! Over the course of all Bake Off biscuit weeks I’ve seen so many extravagant showstoppers, not all though were gingerbread creations, which I think is a missed trick because of course, it’s the best! However, there were a few that have stuck in my mind, for obvious reasons… 


Wasn't Kim Joy just the BEST?! Only a teeny gingerbread house featured in this bake from series 9 but it was too perfect not to show you. And I can only imagine what the cake would taste like combined with my secret spice mix… I’ll be expecting an email from Kim any minute about a collaboration. You can find the recipe for this one here.


Candice from Series 7 created one of the best show stoppers in bake off history with her gingerbread pub. I know exactly what would have made this bake even better though, and that’s my Affinity Brew Co. gingerbread beer! More of this is on its way, so stay tuned!


This “sort of” chapel was Louise from series 7 masterpiece that landed her a ticket out of the tent. What a shame because the idea was beautiful. If the task was mine I think I’d have done some decorative swirls in icing instead of covering the whole chapel, less can definitely more (and coating all the sides is a really tricky approach)!


Not a contestant, HOWEVER, definitely memorable. Prue Leith's gingerbread biscuits from 2017 stuck with me. These are so cute and perfect for gifts, and I can understand why it was one of the final technical challenges. Although a real challenge would be making Maid of Gingerbread quantities… 300 cookies, Ready, Set, BAKE. You can find the recipe here.


Hats off to Andrew Smyth from series 7; I can definitely relate to the creativity and ambition of his Cambridge river bake. Those who watch my Instagram stories will know I’m a boater, so this one made waves in my mind and may inspire me to build my little home out of gingerbread.


More cake, even more gingerbread by Jon in series 9 simple enough for anyone to attempt and super effective. Gingerbread men aren’t usually my go-to but this one makes me want to bake just to nibble off a head. You can find the recipe for this one here.


Val (also series 7) had the great idea of building a new york skyline and revisiting it got me SUPER excited for this years Gingerbread City event at the V&A. I’ll definitely be posting more about it in November.


I loved this quirky scene by Richard in series 5 and it stuck in my mind from all those years ago; it is SO FUN and proves that gingerbread's for life not just for Christmas. Who fancies a beach themed gingerbread bake? Taking orders from now!

Behind the Scenes at Maid of Gingerbread

Behind the Scenes at Maid of Gingerbread

This week, I’ve had some SUPER exciting filming going on in the studio for a project I can’t wait to show you! Although I can’t tell you exactly what we were filming and why just yet - all will be revealed soon - I thought I’d take you behind the scenes and show you general bakery life anyway, and a little more about what happens at Maid of Gingerbread. Are you ready?!

Piñata Party Inspiration from Pinyatay

Piñata Party Inspiration from Pinyatay

Last week I blogged about my edible piñatas and why I think they’re just the best thing to buy as event centrepieces for parties (and yes, I am slightly biased, but I also think that’s just cold hard fact too). To continue the piñata love, I thought I’d share some non-edible piñatas you can get too, for extra decor! These are all from the wonderful Kate at Pinyatay, a maker I’ve absolutely loved for ages. As the old saying goes, anything you can do, Kate can make fringed and stuff with sweets, and that’s why I love her work…

Edible Piñatas: The Perfect Way To (Gingerbread) Spice Up A Party

Edible Piñatas: The Perfect Way To (Gingerbread) Spice Up A Party

If there’s two universal truths about celebrations, they are these: 1. piñatas are fun for every age, and 2. everyone loves fun food. And these two unarguable rules of life are the reasons edible piñatas are perfect for every occasion - be that a party, celebration, or even a marketing event. But what are edible piñatas? Rid your mind of thoughts of eating tissue paper and chomping on cardboard, and instead feast your eyes on these badboys: my edible piñatas, made totally of biscuit, iced to the hills and filled ENTIRELY with sweets!

Maid of More - Making Gingerbread Beer with Affinity Brew Co!

Maid of More - Making Gingerbread Beer with Affinity Brew Co!

There’s only really one answer when one of your favourite craft breweries one day asks if you’d like to make a beer out of your gingerbread, and - spoiler alert - the answer isn’t usually no. When the guys at Affinity Brew Co. asked whether I’d be up for it, I obviously said yes with bells on, hopped (geddit) down to their brewery in Bermondsey, and got started on crafting my very own gingerbread beer, which is now available to drink and buy around the country. What a dream come true!

Fortune Favours (the bold!)

Ok - deep breaths, people. Today, I can reveal something I’ve been squirrelling away on for a very long time: I’m adding fortune cookies to the list of biscuit brilliance I can offer my customers! HOOOOORAAAAAY! HURRAAAAAH! YAAAAAY! (Imagine confetti streaming from the ceiling, a trumpet fanfare going off, the Queen nodding in approval, people weeping at the magnificence of the news – you know the drill).

confetti fortune cookies pastel

Confetti streamers and HRH aside, I am SUPER excited to be launching beautifully decorated fortune cookies to the Maid of Gingerbread roster. Uniquely combining my three faves: unbeatable biscuit, unmissable fun and unbelievable decoration, they’re the perfect alternative addition to a gift, a project, or an event.

Before you ask; no, they’re not made of gingerbread, but they’re not the same old lame fortune cookies you’re used to either. Oh no no no! Instead of transparent, unidentifiable (and often questionable) dough, mine are proudly made of delicious, crisp buttery vanilla biscuit, and decorated to look just as divine. Though that seems like a good enough reason already, here’s why fortune cookies are so BLOOMIN’ BRILLIANT and why you’ll feel fortunate (geddit!) to have them in your life:

The main drive behind my baking has always been making people smile, and encouraging people to have fun and interact with food. (That’s why I started making fully edible biscuit piñatas – I genuinely love watching people smashing into the gingerbread centrepieces I’ve made them). Fortune cookies are the same for me – they’re playful pockets of edible fun that make people smile. But over and above making me happy, I LOVE that they can make other people happy too. It’s safe to say that the world is awfully depressing at the minute, and people relish little bits of positivity in their lives now more than ever. Opening a fortune cookie gives you the same lovely mini buzz that you get from opening a gift, with the added bonus of the message being something supportive and empowering in a time of need. They’re a great little pick-me-up (both positive vibes wise and, of course, sugar wise!)

maid of gingerbread fortune cookies pastel pink bronze

So instead of the generic nonsense fortunes you usually get in fortune cookies, you can completely customise the message that goes inside them. This super high level of personalisation makes them ideal gifts to send to someone special – they’re perfect for Congratulations, Get Well Soons, I Love Yous and Will You Marry Me?s – and also for larger crowds at corporate events. You could even have them form a Willy Wonka-esque Golden Ticket style draw, with all of the cookies having an on-brand message inside bar one and a different message for the lucky winner!

close up maid of gingerbread fortune cookie message

And let’s not forget the outside too! Their gorgeous intricate decorations, with the ability to match any colour swatch, makes them perfect personalised wedding favours. They’ll be going on sale in my online shop this time next week! (Tue 4th June)

Inspirational Women - My Top Nine!

My top 9 inspiring women for International Women’s Day 2019

To celebrate International Women’s Day I’m reflecting on the women who most inspire me. I was originally just going to talk about other female bakers, but then when I sat down to write this I realised I’m inspired by amazing women all across the board, so I decided to focus on three (rhyming, naturally!) categories: Bakers, Makers, and Movers/Shakers.  Even then it was SO tough to narrow it down; it turns out there are dozens of women inspiring me every day (woop!). So, here are just a few of the awesome ladies who make me feel empowered and encourage me to keep going and keep creating.



Top of this list for me has to be the ever-awesome Lily Vanilli who makes running a full-time bespoke bakery and a weekly cafe look totally effortless.  I’ve always admired her stylish (and always delicious) baking, as well as her approach to business - Lily actively supports others which has led to her being one of the most loved people in this industry.  She really helped me when I was starting out and I’m loving watching Vanilli’s go global - she just opened a whole other bakery, in Georgia!

reshmi bennett.jpg

Next up is Reshmi Bennett of Anges de Sucre, not just for her world-renowned cake designs (which goes without saying), but also as a source of encouragement and knowledge. I absolutely love Reshmi’s positive approach to business challenges (her responses to requests for freebies are AMAZING!) and I’ve shared her blog post on ‘Copy Cat Cakes’ numerous times as it perfectly captures a really tricky issue, explains it in a way that everyone can understand, and encourages people to prevent Intellectual Property theft in the industry. Reshmi is an absolute force for good!


Finally, a massive shout-out to the total goddesses of ‘girl power’, Meringue Girls who are always pushing forwards with their business and have taken the humble meringue to a totally insane level!  I have so much respect for them and their amazing team. It’s so encouraging to work in an industry being led by such phenomenal business women.   


kat flint.jpeg

First up in this category is a fellow musician-turned-maker, the inimitable Kat Flint whose insanely intricate lino print artworks went stratospheric last year and she’s finally getting the credit she always deserved. I’ve been an admirer (and proud friend!) of her since the beginning and her beautiful story-filled designs and distinctive style are a constant source of inspiration and joy.

nikki mcwilliams.jpg

Next, the original official Queen Of Biscuits, Nikki McWilliams who not only creates the most sought-after biscuit themed merch in the world, but is also an absolute visionary in the making community.  She’s constantly learning and teaching new things and providing endless encouragement to makers everywhere. I finally met Nikki briefly last year when we were both judges on Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas - I can’t wait to see more of her on screen in the future!


Finally, in the ‘makers’ category, is Emily Alston - aka Emily Forgot - who I first came across when she spoke at Reasons To a couple of years back. Emily’s work is just incredible and I totally love her eye for colours and materials. I am now full-on obsessed with her wooden architectural assemblages (I have a print of one of my faves in my studio and fantasise about creating biscuit versions of them!); her new work is a source of constant inspiration and if you ever feel stuck in a creative rut, head over to Muse & Maker where she features endlessly intriguing objects and artworks.


This category is for those amazing women juggling multiple endeavours and who are always focused on changing stuff for the better. Super inspirational!

genia mineeva.jpg

Top of this list is one of my favourite women, Genia Mineeva, founder of BEEN London. Aside from being an all-round fab human being, Genia is an absolute inspiration in setting up and running a brand. Having gone back to uni to study sustainability, she discovered a technology that reconstructs leather from waste trimmings (normally destined for landfill) and has gone on to create BEEN, which turns this material into gorgeous bags and accessories all made in London.  She’s taken it from a Kickstarter campaign to a fully fledged business in record time and I’m so proud and excited to see what she’ll do next - totally awe-inspiring!

emily coxhead.jpg

Next, another Emily, Emily Coxhead of The Happy Newspaper, which celebrates all the good news from around the world. Her boundless positivity and drive to bring smiles to as many people as possible is a source of constant inspiration and something that is much needed in the world right now! I also admire her openness about running a business (definitely check out her Instagram stories) and the way she incorporates her personality into all aspects of her brand.


Last, but by no means least, is Ellie Kime aka The Enthusiast. Ellie is another wonderful beacon of positivity! She’s constantly creating new ways of bringing enthusiasm to the masses, spreading the message of “caring is cool” via her excellent T shirts and “Happy To Move For You” badges to help people with invisible disabilities get a seat on the tube, as well as running multiple side hustles including a new podcast for the wedding industry, The Business Proposal. Just awesome.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about my Top Nine! I feel totally honoured to be surrounded by so many inspirational women. Happy International Women’s Day!

My essential gingerbread toolkit

My essential gingerbread toolkit

When you’re in the business of gingerbread architecture, your gingerbread has to do more than just taste divine - it has to face many an issue of construction too! That means you need an essential toolkit of all the instruments you rely on to make your gingerbread buildings. If you’ve ever looked in your utensils drawer and thought “What tools do I need to make the perfect gingerbread?” well, pals, this is for you. This week I I’m taking you through my toolkit to show you what each bit is and what it does!

2018: A year in gingerbread

2018: A year in gingerbread

Just as Michael Bublé thaws out in November to start cracking out those velvety Christmas tunes we all love, you may think that I only make festive gingerbread around Christmastime. However, I make gingerbread and biscuity bits ALL year round, and 2018 was my favourite year yet in terms of huge gingerbread buildings, projects, and partnerships!

I thought I’d look back at some of my favourite projects of 2018 - and look forward at some of the super exciting bits I’ve got coming up this year too - to hopefully excite and inspire you…

Alternative Gingerbread Wedding Cakes

Alternative Gingerbread Wedding Cakes

Just as a dog is for life and not just for Christmas, so is biscuit - and that’s why it makes such a fantastic addition to weddings. Gingerbread is so versatile and so much can be done with it to fit your theme that it’s ideal whether you’re having a winter or summer wedding. ‘Out there’ enough that it’ll totally enthrall guests, but traditional enough that people will want to dive in, it’s the perfect alternative wedding cake idea. I also do biscuit cakes too, if you’re more of a custard cream kind of person (I don’t judge.) Here’s a few of the options as some inspiration for ya, but as everything is handmade by me in East London, you can have essentially whatever you most desire!

Foolproof royal icing recipe and decorating tips for perfect gingerbread

Foolproof royal icing recipe and decorating tips for perfect gingerbread

This recipe is the icing on the cake - or, should I say, the gingerbread. Getting the perfect icing is crucial to all of my bakes and builds, as not only is it how I make all of the bespoke details and patterns in my designs, but it’s also how I stick all of my pieces together! This means I need an icing that’s robust and dependable, but also malleable enough for me to be able to colour it, manipulate it, and perfect tiny finishing touches with it. Too watery, and my builds would fall apart; too thick, and I wouldn’t be able to decorate anything.

You may think it’s an impossible balance to strike but it’s actually really easy to make. No secret tricks, no crazy ingredients - just the right ratios and a steady hand! See my recipe below, and watch the video above to watch it in action.

Tips and tricks for building the perfect gingerbread (plus free building template!)

Tips and tricks for building the perfect gingerbread (plus free building template!)

Last week, I shared my Construction Gingerbread recipe with you - the one I use for all of my building projects to give you the most delicious gingerbread building ever. This week, I’m sharing all the tips and tricks of construction with you to make sure your build is totally structurally sound, too! Check out the video above and my top tips below for all the insider secrets on perfect gingerbread!

How to make the perfect gingerbread for building - Emily's Construction Gingerbread

How to make the perfect gingerbread for building - Emily's Construction Gingerbread

The clue is in the title: this gingerbread was born to build. It’s the perfect gingerbread recipe for building sturdy Christmas gingerbread houses, or something slightly bigger. It’s the exact recipe I’ve used for all of my wonderful and wacky projects over the years! It’s also the ideal gingerbread to eat, because I never compromise on flavour. What would be the point on making everything out of gingerbread if it couldn’t be eaten at the end?

How to make a giant gingerbread structure (and how to order one!)

How to make a giant gingerbread structure (and how to order one!)

If you know anything about Maid of Gingerbread, you’ll know two things: 1. I love making gingerbread and 2. I LOVE making gingerbread replicas of real life buildings. It’s one of my favourite bits of my job, taking a brief of a beautiful, awe-inspiring structure and translating it into gingerbread format. I thought it’d be a great idea to take you behind the scenes of the process, and explain just how I take giant designs from brief to bake to build. Hopefully it’ll kickstart some inspiration in you and get you thinking about what I can make you out of gingerbread - if you have any ideas head to the bottom of the blog to find out more about the ordering process!

A Giant Gingerbread Stately Home: Castle Howard Winter Wonderland

CH Blog post 3 [photo credit_ Bompas & Parr].jpg

I know it doesn’t bear thinking about the C word right now, but today I wanted to throw back to one of my favourite projects to date; a giant Christmassy gingerbread replica of Castle Howard. And when I say giant, I do mean giant – it was over 3 and a half metres wide, and 2 and a half metres deep!

The brief - an event centrepiece

The gingerbread build was in collaboration with Bompas & Parr, who are some of my industry heroes: what they do with food is beyond belief, so when I heard I’d be working with them I literally jumped for joy! They wanted a Winter Wonderland version of Castle Howard, a beautiful stately home just outside of York, as well as the estate’s other buildings and monuments to be displayed as the event centrepiece of their epic Christmas decorations. Gingerbread is perfect all year round – but especially at Christmas, obviously…

In the end, I made 8 gingerbread buildings: Castle Howard, the Ray Wood Reservoir, Temple of the Four Winds, Mausoleum, Carmirre Gate, Carlisle’s Obelisk, the train station, and the Earl’s Monument. The top of the Earl’s Monument is a highly detailed gold filigree piece – it was so fiddly (and with a four and a half hour journey, nerve-wracking) but a fun challenge!

CH Blog post 4 [photo credit_ Bompas & Parr].jpg

The (ginger)bread

I started with reference images for each of these buildings, to begin the process of working out how to make each one in gingerbread format. Once I’d worked out the template, I made it from cardboard and assembled it to ensure it was structurally sound (I didn’t want to be the one responsible for destroying Castle Howard now, did I?). After that, I used the cardboard templates to build the gingerbread versions. To retain the fine, delicate details of the buildings, I also used icing and pastillage (a kind of super-strong, super-thin, porcelain-like icing) to decorate. As the main house was going to have interior lighting, we also had proper window detailing in there.

To add to the winter wonderland effect, I made a real working train for the set by taking apart a real Hornby set and replacing the chassis with gingerbread and icing. It required a lot of playing in the studio to ensure it worked, but sometimes you’ve got to make sacrifices for work, right?! When there’s a will, there’s a gingerbread way – the words I live by…

Week 4 -Christmas [photo credit_ Bompas & Parr].jpg

The build

Now, I know what you’re thinking – I’m based in Hackney, and Castle Howard is in York. Was that not the most nerve-wracking install ever? And the answer, my friends, is yes, yes it was. After 2 months of designing and making everything, I then had to drive the buildings up to Yorkshire to install (that’s a four and a half hour drive each way!). Once there, I worked with Bompas & Parr on the install, as they’d created the landscaping that the gingerbread was to sit on. It took three of us just to carry the main house in, and I had to take lots of spares of every component in case stuff broke! In the end though, it arrived in perfect condition.

Once set up, the gingerbread Castle Howard was displayed for month in the lead up to Christmas 2016. It’s one of the many things I love about gingerbread– and believe me, there are many – but once it’s there, it stays there!

CH Blog post 2 [photo credit_ Bompas & Parr].jpg

Do you fancy a large scale build or event centrepiece made entirely from gingerbread? If you do, get in touch with me here - I’d love to hear from you!

All photo credits: Bompas & Parr