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The perfect gingerbread for building

The clue is in the title: this gingerbread was born to build. It’s the perfect gingerbread recipe for building sturdy Christmas gingerbread houses, or something slightly bigger. It’s the exact recipe I’ve used for all of my wonderful and wacky projects over the years! It’s also the ideal gingerbread to eat, because I never compromise on flavour. What would be the point on making everything out of gingerbread if it couldn’t be eaten at the end?

190119 Gingerbread Somerset House 022.jpg

Perfect gingerbread recipe


  • 200g soft light brown sugar

  • 75ml water

  • 40g black treacle

  • 40g golden syrup

  • 35g mixed ground spices (I use a special blend, but you can use whatever you like - try and remember to include ginger though!)

  • 250g cubed unsalted butter

  • 550g plain flour

  • 5g table salt


Melt together the sugar, water, black treacle, golden syrup and mixed ground spices until the sugar has dissolved, but it’s not boiling.

Gradually add 250g cubed unsalted butter, until melted into smooth glossy mixture. Let cool slightly before adding flour.

Pour wet mix into a stand mixer (or large bowl if you're mixing by hand).

Add the flour and salt.

Refrigerate for 20 mins.

Roll to 5mm thick.

Bake at 160(fan)/180 for between 12 and 20 mins depending on the size of the pieces. Let cool on the tray until totally firm (as this is construction gingerbread, you need to avoid it being soft in the middle).

If you like what you see in the video above, I’m making one of the heart shaped boxes you can find in my Bisc Kits! Stay tuned for more how-tos in the coming weeks as I help you prep properly for Christmas…