Tips and tricks for building the perfect gingerbread (plus free building template!)

How to make the perfect gingerbread building

Last week, I shared my Construction Gingerbread recipe with you - the one I use for all of my building projects to give you the most delicious gingerbread building ever. This week, I’m sharing all the tips and tricks of construction with you to make sure your build is totally structurally sound, too! Check out the video above and my top tips below for all the insider secrets on perfect gingerbread!

p.s. in the video I’m making one of my heart-shaped gift boxes - at the end of the blog post I’ve included the template and instructions to be able to make your own. If you want the complete Bisc-kit, you can buy them here too.

Tip 1: File your gingerbread

Gingerbread often slightly warps in the oven, so I use a microplane zester to gently and carefully file my gingerbread to ensure it’s the perfect shape again. It’s the best way to make sure your gingerbread pieces have totally flat sides, allowing them to sit perfectly with one another.

Tip 2: Make corners in your gingerbread

For the perfect fit with corner pieces that just slot together, I file them at an angle to create a perfect join. This ensures you have neat lines and pointy corners, rather than overlapping layers.

Tip 3: Use brown icing

It’s no secret that icing is what sticks a gingerbread building together (although it might surprise you that that’s all I use!), but have you ever considered using brown icing for your construction? It’s a much subtler colour that blends in with the gingerbread, meaning your build will look even more seamless. No more leaky, drippy white edges! (Keep your eyes peeled next week for my perfect icing recipe…)

Tip 4: Buy a mini spatula

Mini spatulas are a really inexpensive solution to a very annoying problem. Once your pieces are securely attached, there’ll be excess icing that looks unsightly; use a mini spatula to scrape it off. I have a pointed one that really gets into the corner and leaves it looking clean and smooth.

Fancy making your own heart-shaped gingerbread box?

As promised, here’s the downloadable instructions and template absolutely free!