Alternative 3D Gingerbread Wedding Favours

Gingerbread Wedding Favours6.jpg

Alternative Gingerbread Wedding Favours

A couple of weeks ago I chatted to you about alternative gingerbread wedding cakes, but that’s not where our wedding wares end - this week I’m going to show you how gingerbread biscuits can make the perfect alternative wedding favour too! I specialise in 3D gingerbread so nothing’s off limits…

Alternative wedding favour boxes

Wedding favour boxes are such a fun addition to a wedding table. Plonk a box totally made from gingerbread in the middle of the table, fill it with more treats, and your guests will totally love it! They’re also completely customisable, down to their shape, their colour scheme, and the patterns.

Edible gingerbread table numbers

It’s the motto I live by, but you can and should make everything out of gingerbread. Wedding favour boxes can also double as table numbers, like this colourful design above - then, when everyone’s found their seat, they can start to dismantle it and eat it!

Individual 3D biscuit favours

Biscuits are great - undoubtedly - but what’s even better than 2D biscuits? 3D biscuits. Why not have every one of your guests greeted with a cute biscuit at their place setting? Whether you’re having a tropical cactus themed wedding or you’re having a winter wedding that requires mini gingerbread houses to slot onto the side of a hot mug, I can design something for you!

Individual biscuit boxes

Individual biscuit boxes are another really cute way of thanking your guests for being there. They’re a great double whammy as not only do they look great and can be used there and then, they can also be taken home to enjoy whilst nursing the day-after hangover (unlike sugared almonds, which without fail always just get left on the table. Soz sugared almonds.)

If you’re looking to spice up your wedding with some 3D gingerbread favours, get in touch here and we can chat all about your wedding plans!