Things to do in the summer with gingerbread

Summertime is creeping in so I wanted to share with you some ways to enjoy the summer in all its biscuity goodness. I mentioned last week about how gingerbread isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for all year round. There is a plethora of uses for gingerbread aside from building gingerbread houses and decorating them in snow 'icing' - although, let’s be honest, that’s fun too.

Being a gingerbread connoisseur, I love to experiment with what I can make, taking my biscuit building to the next level. I’ve made 3D installations for shop windows and recreated ancient tombs as well as producing replicas of existing buildings in delicious biscuit form.

gingerbread landmarks.jpg

But I always feel like there’s more that can be done with gingerbread. Despite its lack of bendiness it’s actually a really versatile building material and can hold its own in almost any shape you can imagine. So with the summer just around the corner, I wanted to inspire you to get baking no matter the weather outside. So, with that said, here are some ideas to help you celebrate and enjoy biscuity goodness all year-round.

Things to do in the summer with gingerbread (that isn’t baking a gingerbread house!)

Creative wedding favour ideas

Weddings can sometimes be a little bit awkward for guests. If you get sat next to someone you don’t know it can be hard to strike up a conversation or feel comfortable at your table. Group wedding favours can kill two birds with one stone! And if you can make that wedding favour edible you’ll have some very happy guests. A 3D gingerbread table centrepiece will encourage everyone to talk and band together, break into the biscuits and provide a really fun after dinner treat. Try it and see how it brings out the inner child in your guests! It can also save you a lot of money on buying individual wedding favours.  If you’re feeling really brave why not try baking your own?

Edible piñatas

Piñatas are great for outdoor summer parties, for adults and kids alike. They are social, fun, silly and great to get people up and active at a party. But a fully edible piñata? You’d be surprised how much more excited people are about getting involved! I created a gingerbread fiesta llama piñata recently, which featured hand-piped royal icing ruffles and was filled to the brim with rainbow sweets. 

gingerbread llama pinata.jpg

The great thing about edible piñatas is there’s no mess left behind because every element is edible, so you don’t have to worry about clearing up and disposing of lots of rubbish at the end of the day.

Edible bunting for your summer BBQ

It might sound like a crazy idea, but stick with me. Gingerbread is perfect for an outdoor summer party. Try baking a tray of gingerbread men, or birds, or triangles for traditional bunting. In fact, it could be anything to match the theme of your party. Just punch a hole in them just before you place them in the oven, decorate them sparingly with royal icing and you’ll have yourself the start of a perfect row of bunting! Thread some ribbon through each piece - make sure it’s thick ribbon to support the weight of the bunting - and hang it up, perhaps in the trees if you’re in a park or around the windows of a gazebo. The best thing is, you can finish your BBQ and turn to the decorations for your dessert.

Alternative wedding cake

Wedding season is starting - although, of course, people have weddings all year round, we just seem to love the sunshine - and the past few years have seen a rise in people opting for an alternative wedding. They might not want a white dress, or a first dance, or a traditional wedding cake. I’ve had many requests over the years to make alternative wedding cakes. One of my favourites was this recreation of a ruined tomb I made for a couple who were both archaeologists.

Archaeological gingerbread centrepiece filled with sweets.jpg

They both preferred biscuits to cake but still wanted something spectacular to be the centrepiece for their wedding. Gingerbread is a great alternative to a wedding cake because you can make a display of individual pieces or an impressive structure in the shape of almost anything you love. It can be decorated just as much as you can decorate a cake, so it’s guaranteed to look spectacular, and because it's hollow you can include a whole host of delicious surprises inside it too!

Picnic centrepiece

There’s something about the summer heat that makes us Brits turn alfresco and many of us love to have big celebrations outdoors, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, engagement party or family reunion. A centrepiece at an outdoor party can make it feel special but cakes are not the best items to leave out in the sun for hours. Biscuits, on the other hand, are great. They won’t go soggy or begin to melt, you don’t need to worry about keeping them on ice or in the shade. If you want to bake something really special, try making a vanilla biscuit box filled with your favourite treats and decorated with edible flowers: delicious summery perfection!

So here are five ideas for summer biscuits, but there’s so much more you could do! Gingerbread is a great building tool, and it’s possible to build anything you can imagine. What about you? What’s the strangest thing you’ve used gingerbread for and will you be trying anything new with biscuits this summer?