My essential gingerbread toolkit

Essential Gingerbread Toolkit 1.jpg

My essential gingerbread toolkit

When you’re in the business of gingerbread architecture, your gingerbread has to do more than just taste divine - it has to face many an issue of construction too! That means you need an essential toolkit of all the instruments you rely on to make your gingerbread buildings. If you’ve ever looked in your utensils drawer and thought “What tools do I need to make the perfect gingerbread?” well, pals, this is for you. This week I I’m taking you through my toolkit to show you what each bit is and what it does - and the best news is, it’s nothing you can’t get yourself at home:

Set squares/rulers, scalpel, cutting mat, kraft board

The tools of mathematicians, builders - and gingerbread makers (the holy trinity). These are crucial for making templates as realistic and translatable as possible. After all, what’s the point of a template if it’s not going to help you make the end building?

Essential Gingerbread Toolkit 6.jpg

Rolling pin with rings

Not just any rolling pins! The rings on my rolling pins help me set the thickness of each piece I’m rolling out.

Kitchen knives of different sizes

If anyone who isn’t in the culinary industry has as many intricate knives as I do - run for it. I need lots of different sizes of kitchen knife for cutting around templates of varying fiddliness!

Essential Gingerbread Toolkit 4.jpg

Microplane zester

I posted this on instagram a while ago and you went MAD for it, which I loved, as it means I truly have found my people. This microplane zester is essentially used as a tiny file for filing down all the edges. This makes the sides perfectly smooth, which helps creating angles on the pieces to make them fit together snugly.

Bread knife & small serrated knife

More knives! These serrated ones act as mini saws for cutting down baked pieces if needed.

Essential Gingerbread Toolkit 2.jpg

Mini silicone spatulas

Amongst other things, these bad boys act as bricklayer’s trowels! They’re great for mixing icing and then spreading it on to large pieces, plus cleaning up excess icing as you’re assembling.

Essential Gingerbread Toolkit 3.jpg

Lots of piping nozzles & icing bags

Couldn’t call myself a baker if I didn’t have these could I?! Your classic baking stuff comes in handy when piping delicate patterns - and that’s even before we get on to the actual icing gels and sprinkles I have…

Essential Gingerbread Toolkit 5.jpg

Paint and Make up brushes

I use paintbrushes to create one of my favourite effects - using gold lustre to make metallic everything! Rooves, fascias, window sills and everything in between. I love love love the effect of lustre on gingerbread and put it on everything I can get my hands on (but not if it doesn’t fit the brief - don’t worry.)

Thank you to Valentina from The Stars Inside for the fabulous photos too!