The Great British Bake Off - 8 Most Memorable Gingerbread Makes

I’m completely engrossed in this years series and couldn’t let a year pass without mentioning the show on my blog! Over the course of all Bake Off biscuit weeks I’ve seen so many extravagant showstoppers, not all though were gingerbread creations, which I think is a missed trick because of course, it’s the best! However, there were a few that have stuck in my mind, for obvious reasons… 


Wasn't Kim Joy just the BEST?! Only a teeny gingerbread house featured in this bake from series 9 but it was too perfect not to show you. And I can only imagine what the cake would taste like combined with my secret spice mix… I’ll be expecting an email from Kim any minute about a collaboration. You can find the recipe for this one here.


Candice from Series 7 created one of the best show stoppers in bake off history with her gingerbread pub. I know exactly what would have made this bake even better though, and that’s my Affinity Brew Co. gingerbread beer! More of this is on its way, so stay tuned!


This “sort of” chapel was Louise from series 7 masterpiece that landed her a ticket out of the tent. What a shame because the idea was beautiful. If the task was mine I think I’d have done some decorative swirls in icing instead of covering the whole chapel, less can definitely more (and coating all the sides is a really tricky approach)!


Not a contestant, HOWEVER, definitely memorable. Prue Leith's gingerbread biscuits from 2017 stuck with me. These are so cute and perfect for gifts, and I can understand why it was one of the final technical challenges. Although a real challenge would be making Maid of Gingerbread quantities… 300 cookies, Ready, Set, BAKE. You can find the recipe here.


Hats off to Andrew Smyth from series 7; I can definitely relate to the creativity and ambition of his Cambridge river bake. Those who watch my Instagram stories will know I’m a boater, so this one made waves in my mind and may inspire me to build my little home out of gingerbread.


More cake, even more gingerbread by Jon in series 9 simple enough for anyone to attempt and super effective. Gingerbread men aren’t usually my go-to but this one makes me want to bake just to nibble off a head. You can find the recipe for this one here.


Val (also series 7) had the great idea of building a new york skyline and revisiting it got me SUPER excited for this years Gingerbread City event at the V&A. I’ll definitely be posting more about it in November.


I loved this quirky scene by Richard in series 5 and it stuck in my mind from all those years ago; it is SO FUN and proves that gingerbread's for life not just for Christmas. Who fancies a beach themed gingerbread bake? Taking orders from now!