Fortune Favours (the bold!)

Ok - deep breaths, people. Today, I can reveal something I’ve been squirrelling away on for a very long time: I’m adding fortune cookies to the list of biscuit brilliance I can offer my customers! HOOOOORAAAAAY! HURRAAAAAH! YAAAAAY! (Imagine confetti streaming from the ceiling, a trumpet fanfare going off, the Queen nodding in approval, people weeping at the magnificence of the news – you know the drill).

confetti fortune cookies pastel

Confetti streamers and HRH aside, I am SUPER excited to be launching beautifully decorated fortune cookies to the Maid of Gingerbread roster. Uniquely combining my three faves: unbeatable biscuit, unmissable fun and unbelievable decoration, they’re the perfect alternative addition to a gift, a project, or an event.

Before you ask; no, they’re not made of gingerbread, but they’re not the same old lame fortune cookies you’re used to either. Oh no no no! Instead of transparent, unidentifiable (and often questionable) dough, mine are proudly made of delicious, crisp buttery vanilla biscuit, and decorated to look just as divine. Though that seems like a good enough reason already, here’s why fortune cookies are so BLOOMIN’ BRILLIANT and why you’ll feel fortunate (geddit!) to have them in your life:

The main drive behind my baking has always been making people smile, and encouraging people to have fun and interact with food. (That’s why I started making fully edible biscuit piñatas – I genuinely love watching people smashing into the gingerbread centrepieces I’ve made them). Fortune cookies are the same for me – they’re playful pockets of edible fun that make people smile. But over and above making me happy, I LOVE that they can make other people happy too. It’s safe to say that the world is awfully depressing at the minute, and people relish little bits of positivity in their lives now more than ever. Opening a fortune cookie gives you the same lovely mini buzz that you get from opening a gift, with the added bonus of the message being something supportive and empowering in a time of need. They’re a great little pick-me-up (both positive vibes wise and, of course, sugar wise!)

maid of gingerbread fortune cookies pastel pink bronze

So instead of the generic nonsense fortunes you usually get in fortune cookies, you can completely customise the message that goes inside them. This super high level of personalisation makes them ideal gifts to send to someone special – they’re perfect for Congratulations, Get Well Soons, I Love Yous and Will You Marry Me?s – and also for larger crowds at corporate events. You could even have them form a Willy Wonka-esque Golden Ticket style draw, with all of the cookies having an on-brand message inside bar one and a different message for the lucky winner!

close up maid of gingerbread fortune cookie message

And let’s not forget the outside too! Their gorgeous intricate decorations, with the ability to match any colour swatch, makes them perfect personalised wedding favours. They’ll be going on sale in my online shop this time next week! (Tue 4th June)