Piñata Party Inspiration from Pinyatay

Last week I blogged about my edible piñatas and why I think they’re just the best thing to buy as event centrepieces for parties (and yes, I am slightly biased, but I also think that’s just cold hard fact too). To continue the piñata love, I thought I’d share some non-edible piñatas you can get too, for extra decor! These are all from the wonderful Kate at Pinyatay, a maker I’ve absolutely loved for ages. As the old saying goes, anything you can do, Kate can make fringed and stuff with sweets, and that’s why I love her work…

Star-shaped piñatas

These star-shaped piñatas are perfect for every celestial celebration. We all know I love metallic lustre on my gingerbreads (the effect is just so COOL!) so I doubly love these shiny stars and their nylar tassels!

Food piñatas

Playing with food is the aim of the game here at MoG HQ, and Kate’s incr-edible food-shaped piñatas do that. Look at the detail on that taco piñata - it’s got all the trimmings!

Custom piñatas

Whoever ordered an army of piñata Karl Lagerfeld heads deserves a raise, because that is the most mind-blowing thing I’ve ever seen. As well as her ready-to-buy designs, Kate offers a bespoke service, so you can have whatever you want frilled and filled!

Llama and unicorn piñatas

As the piñata fates would have it - Kate has some super cute llama and unicorn piñatas, complete with candy coloured streamer tails and enviable paper eyelashes. They’d look perfect next to a gingerbread version, or their counterpart - just don’t get them mixed up, ok?!

For more piñata inspiration, head to my Pinterest board, choc full of colourful explosions…

To see more of Kate’s work head to Pinyatay, and to enquire with me please drop me a line on my contact form!