Edible Piñatas: The Perfect Way To (Gingerbread) Spice Up A Party

Edible Pinatas Event Centrepieces16.jpg

If there’s two universal truths about celebrations, they are these: 1. piñatas are fun for every age, and 2. everyone loves fun food. And these two unarguable rules of life are the reasons edible piñatas are perfect for every occasion - be that a party, celebration, or even a marketing event. But what are edible piñatas? Rid your mind of thoughts of eating tissue paper and chomping on cardboard, and instead feast your eyes on these badboys: my edible piñatas, made totally of biscuit, iced to the hills and filled ENTIRELY with sweets!

Edible Pinatas Event Centrepieces6.jpg

What are edible piñatas?

Edible piñatas are an excellent way to add wow impact to an event, because they make both great centrepieces and an excellent catering option. Thanks to the handpiped icing ruffles and customisable colourways, they make the ultimate alternative party decor, and can be placed proudly on display to wow your guests. Then, when it’s time for the real fun to begin, they can be smashed into, turning a centrepiece into a talking piece! Everyone loves an instagrammable moment, and these are the perfect way of serving the ‘gram online and the guests IRL. On top of that, those lucky guests can then help themselves to the treats hidden inside.

Ok, so the piñata itself is made of delicious biscuit. But what’s inside?

These can be filled with more generic insides (sweets, for example - Bagsy all the flying saucers!, tokens, confetti); alternatively, they can be customised to be filled with custom items, if you’re looking to launch something brand new with a bang. Actually, a few bangs - they don’t snap on the first go because they’re built from my sturdy construction gingerbread, meaning they’re structurally sound for a good while! Where would the fun be in a piñata that buckles on the first hit?!

What do your edible piñatas look like?

You can choose your fighter: our unicorn, complete with golden horn and candy lace tail, is an excellent choice for magical parties and events, whereas our colourful llama, with a hand-piped and patterned floral crown and jacket, is perfect for a wondrous, whimsical event. Finally, our donkey is a super cool choice for an event where you really want to let the personalisation do the talking. A little known fact is that in the gingerbread world - which, yes, is very similar to Willy Wonka’s factory - unicorns, llamas and donkeys are actually best pals, so you could have all of them no problem if you wanted to…

From there, their colour scheme and decorations can be totally matched to your brand, product or party theme too. For example, I matched the icing on the donkey above to the illustration on my beer can labels, designed by the talented Tida Bradshaw. This means they’re perfect for activations and product launches as instantly recognisable assets!

Check out my gallery below for more piñata inspo and if you’d like to know more, head here to send me a message!

Photo credits to Love and Adventures, Eva Photography, The Wedding Breakfast Club Collective