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Wedding Centrepieces

I absolutely love working with couples to design a wedding centrepiece that truly reflects their personalities and fits perfectly with the vibe of their celebration.  I want your guests to take one look at it and know that it can only have been made for you.  My designs are modern, fun, colourful and intricately detailed.

If you're looking for something weird and wonderful (and, most importantly, absolutely delicious), look no further.


Previous couples' stories

di and raph european cities landscape wedding cake.jpg

Di & Raph's European Landscape Cake

Di & Raph were looking for a fun, colourful centrepiece for their evening wedding party.

They wanted something that would feature their favourite cities and tell the story of their journey together - Raph is from Paris, Di from London, and they met in Zurich. They also wanted to incorporate their love of mountain climbing and shoes. After some really fun chats about all the possibilities, we came up with this idea for a sculpted cake & gingerbread combination.

The main landscape is sculpted from chocolate cake, covered with ganache and swiss buttercream and features an edible river and lake. Gingerbread landmarks from the three cities are dotted around, along with miniature marzipan versions of their favourite shoes (leather brogues with bright red laces). Strawberry lace sweets trace their journey across the cake, and lead up to the happy couple on top of the mountain.

It was such a joy to create this truly personalised centrepiece and I loved working on all the little details, especially the tiny shoes!

Bob & Sarah's Ancient Mesopotamian Gingerbread Centrepiece

Bob & Sarah were looking for a gingerbread sculpture to tie in with their Ancient Mesopotamian influenced wedding celebration. Both archaeologists, their wedding ring designs were based on a lapis and gold ring discovered at Ur.

When they sent me a picture of one of their favourite structures, the Ziggurat at Ur, I was so excited. It's an absolute dream building to make; the tiers of dramatic walls lend themselves perfectly to gingerbread, and I could already see how I could incorporate the lapis blue colour and edible gold highlights.

I researched reconstructions of the ziggurat to make sure the structure was as accurate as possible, then as I built it up I filled each layer with different sweets to create a really dramatic piñata-like moment when Sarah & Bob used a little hammer to 'excavate' the structure.


sarah and bob archaeology gingerbread wedding centrepiece.jpg
Thank you for our most amazing wedding cake!!! It was the star of the night! We will definitely recommend you to friends!! You’re the best
— Di & Raph
We thoroughly enjoyed working with Emily on our centrepiece. We loved how imaginative and creative her suggestions were. The finished centrepiece was so gorgeous we were a little sad to smash it. Our guests loved breaking off delicious morsels and searching for the hidden treasures inside!
— Bob & Sarah

My Approach

I want to work with you to find the perfect design, so I start by arranging an in-depth chat to get to know more about you and your partner, your story, likes and dislikes, as well as plans for the big day. I then create an initial design proposal containing a few different options, and once you've had a chance to have a look through we can chat again or meet up for a tasting session before deciding on a final design.

You can have as much or as little creative input into the detail of the design as you would like. I love coming up with ideas you might not have thought of, but I equally enjoy transforming your exact vision into a tasty reality!



Wedding Client Stories

Elan & Kwes gingerbread wedding box cake.jpg

Elan & Kwes' Tiered Gingerbread Boxes Filled With Photobooth Props

Elan and Kwes wanted a really fun centrepiece for their wedding reception in East London, but with a nod to a traditional celebration.  Together we came up with this design for tiered gingerbread boxes, decorated in traditional white piped royal icing details.

As a great surprise element for their guests, each box contained a variety of edible biscuit props to be used in the photo booth (and then eaten of course!), including 3D glasses (with sugar glass lenses) and gingerbread moustaches.  Then the box at the bottom lifted off to reveal a Victoria Sponge cake, so they could still experience that classic 'cutting the cake' moment.

Laura & Chris's Gin Botanical Infused Gingerbread Favours

Laura and Chris held a gin-themed wedding reception, complete with a well-stocked gin bar, gin bottle vases, and a hand-illustrated gin bottle table plan, so they were looking for individual favours that were a bit out of the ordinary and would tie in with the theme. After chatting about their colour scheme and favourite gin, I created a completely bespoke biscuit recipe that actually incorporated the main botanicals used in Sipsmith London Dry Gin, so that the favours paired perfectly with the reception drinks.  

I finished off the design with monogrammed fondant individually hand-painted in peach and rose gold to match Laura & Chris's colour scheme, and Chris designed labels to go on the back telling guests all about the gin & gingerbread pairing. 

Photo by Sara Lincoln

Photo by Amy Scaife

Gingerbread Unicorn Piñata Centrepiece

I created this unicorn piñata centrepiece for a really modern, neon-themed wedding party in Hackney.  Having come up with the idea of replacing the traditional card and paper elements with gingerbread and piped ruffle icing, I built up the piñata, filling it with lots of rainbow coloured sweets and finishing it off with a gold sparkly waffle cone horn, and rainbow lace mane and tail.

The piñata went perfectly with the bright rainbow confetti and created such a fun centrepiece for the party.

Kransekake Centrepiece for a Norse Themed Wedding

A kransekake/kransekage is a traditional Danish and Norwegian wedding centrepiece made from rings of almond-based dough stacked to form a tower. It's normally decorated with fairly simple white icing loops, but for this Norse-themed wedding reception I wanted to incorporate some more interesting details. 

The finished result was this highly intricately decorated kransekake, with a different pattern on each layer, including lots of painted edible metallics, almonds, and silver balls.

Photo by Maria Assia

ed and fran tiered gingerbread box wedding centrepiece.jpg

Ed & Fran's Lace-Inspired Gingerbread Box Centrepiece

Ed & Fran were looking for an alternative to a traditional wedding cake; they wanted something stylish and simple, but with intricate details.  They were excited about creating something from gingerbread as Fran has German heritage.

So I created these gingerbread tiered boxes decorated with lace-inspired patterns in hand-piped white royal icing, and filled with lots of biscuits personalised for them and in a variety of flavours including chocolate, vanilla, and vegan gingerbread.

Each of their guests enjoyed helping themselves to a biscuit before destroying and eating the boxes too!