Alternative Gingerbread Wedding Cakes

Just as a dog is for life and not just for Christmas, so is biscuit - and that’s why it makes such a fantastic addition to weddings. Gingerbread is so versatile and so much can be done with it to fit your theme that it’s ideal whether you’re having a winter or summer wedding. ‘Out there’ enough that it’ll totally enthrall guests, but traditional enough that people will want to dive in, it’s the perfect alternative wedding cake idea. I also do biscuit cakes too, if you’re more of a custard cream kind of person (I don’t judge.) Here’s a few of the options as some inspiration for ya, but as everything is handmade by me in East London, you can have essentially whatever you most desire!

Alternative Gingerbread Wedding Cake Ideas

Giant gingerbread house

Phil & Ellie (who refer to themselves as Phellie!) got married in late December 2017. They were having a festive wedding at Woodlands Park Hotel in Cobham, Surrey and wanted a fun Christmassy alternative to a traditional wedding cake, so requested a gingerbread version of the venue. On the day they pretended to cut it with a delicate cake knife before pulling out a big wooden mallet they'd hidden and smashing it to smitherines! (My kind of couple!)

Photography by Anneli Marinovich

For a super elegant and super wintery wedding shoot, La Fête asked me to create cute gingerbread houses to go under glass domes. These doubled as decor as well as catering alongside the bigger gingerbread house cake, which retained the traditional tiered element of a wedding cake with layers of flat house biscuits stuck around the outside, creating a chocolate box house appearance. It’s a perfect middle ground between fun and elegant! (See more on Rock My Wedding)

Personalised gingerbread biscuit cake toppers

Di & Raph had a super cool evening wedding party in Bermondsey with a really relaxed and fun vibe. They wanted something totally different from a traditonal cake, something that reflected their personalities and captured the style of their beautiful invitations (which were hand illustrated with pics of the couple and their cute matching brown brogues with bright red laces!). We chatted about their passions and story as a couple and came up with the idea of a load of iced personalised gingerbread biscuits that represented their favourite cities, love of travel, brogues and humour.

Giant film-inspired gingerbread Grand Budapest Hotel

photography by Kirsty Mackenzie Photography

This is and always will be one of my absolute faves! When the ladies at The Wedding Spark asked me to get involved with this Wes Anderson inspired wedding shoot at The Barn at Avington, I jumped at the chance. I remade the Grand Budapest Hotel out of gingerbread (what else?!) complete with pink piped windows and a silver lustre roof. It was a biggun, with the width measuring more than the two models stood side by side, to capture the larger-than-life wonderfully over the top fantasy of Wes Anderson’s worlds. See more on Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding piñata cakes

Get your cake and your entertainment in one! I love love love making edible piñatas like this llama piñata I made earlier this year. Instead of having a cake cutting, have a cake smashing and let everyone fight for the contents - or, alternatively, have it as a fun activity in the downtime between the ceremony and the reception.

Alternative biscuit wedding ideas

Classic English biscuit cake

Photography by Ellie Gillard

Adina & Myke got married in July 2018, organised by the awesome wedding planners Revelry Events. The couple had seen one of my biscuit cakes at the Unruly Wedding Show and got in touch! Their quirky reception was at London bar The Anthologist with loads of fun details, including an amazing hanging banner seating plan and Mendl's cake boxes. We chatted about their favourite biscuits and cake flavours to come up with the 3 different tiers on the finished cake - we settled on Jammy Dodgers, Party Rings and Bourbon biscuits - and it was really fun installing it in the beautiful windows of The Anthologist.


Photo by Maria Assia

If you’ve never heard of Kransekake (or Kransekage, depending on if you’re Danish or Norwegian) prepare to have your life changed. It’s layers upon layers of delicious biscuits, hard on the outside and chewy on the inside, stacked on top of each other and decorated with delicate piping details. The Wedding Spark were organising a fierce and fresh Nordic/Scandi wedding shoot, for which I thought this would be totally perfect! Simple and elegant but completely different and (obviously) delicious - perfect! Check out more on Festival Brides

So, you’re sold on the gingerbread biscuit wedding cake idea. What next?

My lead times vary depending on the time of year. If it's a winter wedding it's best to get chatting early in the year to ensure I can fit it in around my Christmas installation work, but during the summer I'm more flexible and able to take on commissions nearer the date.

After initial contact I'll usually arrange a phone/Skype chat with you, where we discuss all sorts of stuff including your ideas for other bits of the big day, your story as a couple, your passions and interests, and what you'd like the centrepiece to look like/be made from! I then go away and come up with a few different options (which can be at different price points if you haven't fixed on a cake budget at that stage), give you a chance to chat about those and send feedback. Then we'll work on a final design which sometimes includes me making a cardboard model to give you an idea of what it would look like, and I get everything booked in.

If you wanna chat, please do get in touch - I’d love to help!